We provide quality and

Cost Effective Paper Sacks

Decades of experience in manufacturing paper sacks allows us to provide unsurpassed service and quality to our customers


AMB is a privately owned Australian company, based in Dandenong, Victoria. AMB specialise in the manufacture and supply of the most complete range of paper sacks available in Australia.

The range includes:

  • Pasted End Valve Sacks
  • Open Mouth Pasted End
  • Open Mouth Double Fold
  • Open Mouth Sewn End (handles optional)
  • Open Mouth Pasted End Pinch Top
  • Gusseted Pinch Top
  • Pasted End with Sewn Top

We currently employ around 50 employees around half of which have over 10 year’s experience and we are proud to have the longest continuous management team of any paper sack manufacturer within Australia over almost 50 years.

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